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I want to add my voice to the vast chourous of angry customers who have been down a crazy rabbit hole dealing with Avarto/Microsoft with Win8 product upgrades and add-ons.

I was charged twice for a Media Center Add-on to Windows 8 Professional, and both times Avarto responded that my card was not verified.

I then spent the next 9 hours on the phone with Microsoft Support (tech, billing, Microsoft store) who kept referring me to each others' departments and acting as if they never heard of such a thing despite the fact that this has apparently happened to at least hundreds of people.

Finally, I let a MS tech do I remote desktop to my machine, and then I let him actually see the charges on my card account, and then the MS tech tried to say the bank was now blocking transactions and that the charges would drop off automatically, so that's why the add on feature couldn't be added, so I conferenced in my card services with the MS tech, and they told the MS tech, "No, those charges WILL post in 24 hours, they are real, and no we are not blocking Microsoft or Avarto", and then the tech said he would refer the case to the "back office", and they would respond in 7-10 days. I kid you not.

If this is a E-Business model that Microsoft is keeping, they're in trouble, and there is no transparency to the billing people at MS why these transactions fail, and they seem either uneducated about this common problem or trained to deny it and point to other unrelated things or deny there is any problem at all.

To be fair, Microsoft shares some blame here because they stuck us with Avarto, but I want 9 hours of my life and my money back, and it would be nice to get the Media Center Software I was trying to buy, but I am so beaten down from dealing with this freak circus, that I'd settle for just never doing business with Microsoft or Avarto for any online software or upgrades ever again.

If you are thinking of upgrading Microsoft Windows or adding a Windows feature via their online upgrade services, be aware you could be charged (and more than once), and never receive the product, and have to take a day off from work just to get anybody to take your complaint seriously.

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Arvato did me the same thing, telling that my card is not verified and after they take 139$ from my card.. And i havent received the product key yet. My bank statement can prove it.

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