Microsoft offers an update from Windows7 to Windows8, then at the end of transaction appears "arvato digital services" as the seller. I downloaded Windows 8 digitally. Now, I can NOT find the icon for my computer. It is very difficult to work with this Operating System. I hate Windows 8. I want change back to Windows 7 and get a refund.I googled "arvato digital services", I got their phone number, but it's IBM's. So arvato advertise IBM's phone number as arvato's. This is type company arvato is. They charged $16.04. So Microsoft and arvato are together in this type business. It's disgusting, this type of business Microsoft is doing and also disgusted with their OS Windows 8. Windows 8 is not intuitive, they put out things you never use, and hide important things you use all the time. Windows 8 is a piece of *^%$#!!!!!


Monetary Loss: $16.

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